Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Interview With Santa

Santa's Chair
Welcome!  Last night, we had an unexpected visitor at the museum!  Santa Clause saw our lights on and stopped in for a chat and to try out his chair. While he was there, I took the opportunity to ask him some questions.

ME:  So Santa, what's happening up at the North Pole?
SANTA:  Oh, so many things!  Mrs. Clause is busy baking and touching up my suit.  She is also crocheting some new slippers for me.  I keep forgetting to take them off when I walk to the barn to visit with my reindeer, so they wear out very fast.
ME:  How about your Elves?
SANTA:  Oh, they are working so hard.  As fast as I send in the orders I get from all the children, they get right to work and complete them.  They are the best Elves in the whole world!  My right hand Elf, Sandy, keeps them all busy, but still makes sure they have time to relax, eat cookies, and play in the snow.
ME:  They play in the snow?
SANTA:  They sure do.  They make the best snow angels, and forts.  Why last week we even had a snowball throwing contest.  At least until, someone's snowball went through the cafeteria window.  But we got it fixed and all is well.
ME:  So Santa, you are coming to Hanover on December 3rd?
SANTA:  Why yes I am!  I love coming to Hanover to visit with all the area children. Don't you know that the Hanover Horton Area children are the best kids ever.  They have a very low percentage of naughty kids here.  And I love visiting all the rooms in the museum, and even, after everyone has left, I sometimes sit down and play one of the organs!  But the most exciting thing that you people here do is to let me ride on your firetruck!  I love firetrucks!
ME:  Don't forget Santa, that we will have cookies and punch at Christmas Open House for everyone.
SANTA:  Oh, I won't forget that!  I also hear that there will be a bake sale, Christmas story book reading, crafts, and people can tour the museum and see all of these wonderful decorations.  It looks like all of the Hanover Horton Elves have been very busy decorating!
Me:  It was sure nice of you to visit us tonight, Santa.  I know my kids are very excited to see you and tell you what they want for Christmas.
SANTA:  I can't wait to talk to them.  And parents, remember that you can take pictures, too!  Well, I must be on my way.  But I will be back on Sunday, December 3rd.  I plan on being at the fire barn down the street at 1:30 pm and arriving at the museum on that firetruck around 2.  So see you then!

And with that Santa shook my hand and left.  I never did see any reindeer out there when I looked, but I am pretty sure I heard the sound of sleigh bells!  Merry Christmas everyone and see you at the museum!

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